Avv.Nino Finocchiaro

AVV.NINO FINOCCHIARO He founded Finocchiaro Law Firm in Catania in 1969, member of the Bar of Catania, after having obtained a degree in Law at the University of Catania, and having carried out forensic practice at the Viaggio Law Firm. Within a few years, he became a leading figure of the Tribunal  thanks to the brilliant activity that led him to be Attorney of numerous banks and financial Institutions, public and Private Companies, Associations, Cooperatives, Foundations and Insurance, and private clients. He also taked several assignments in major bankruptcies and receiverships several proxies in debt enforcement, also performing as a teacher of law and economics at High Schools;

Thanks to its over forty years experience as a lawyer, Avv. Nino Finocchiaro has acquired a wide and well-established knowledge of all areas of civil law, being able to provide legal advise and assistance, in particular, in Commercial Law, Bankruptcy and Corporate, and especially  debts collection and in real estate and proprietary rights, medical malpractice and liability and traffic accident claims. Avv. Nino Finocchiaro is authorized to practice before the Italian Supreme Court.